Get excited about writing again

2018PWCLogo_4RegSite_header_copy_2While the weekly meetings of the Gettysburg Writers Brigade keep me energized for my writing throughout the week, writers conferences are always good for a longer-lasting writing energy fix.

One conference that I have attended in the past and enjoyed is the annual Pennwriters Conference. It alternates its location between Lancaster and Pittsburgh. This year it will be in Lancaster. You can attend lectures, panels, keynote addresses, and luncheons for three days. Learn how to write better, sell more, and market more effectively. You might even find a new author to read. James Rollins was the keynote speaker at the conference I attended, and now, I’m a fan of his books. (Full disclosure: I [James Rada] will be leading three sessions during the weekend so I might become your new favorite author.)

So take a look at the conference offerings at the Pennwriters Conference Page.

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