Pilot, fireman, cop, daredevil…I’m all of those, I’m a writer!

14581322_10211183424601694_9157358947983750693_nNot all research is going through old books in a dark library and sneezing every time you turn the page because you’re stirring up dust. No, research can be fun and it makes the job even more fun.

I was reminded of this the other day when I was talking to a business owner about an article I was writing and he asked if I was interested in writing about a new product line he was going to be carrying…dune buggies. I said, yes, it would make a nice business story for one of the newspapers I freelance for. He told me that I could come out next month and test drive one for a couple hours…yes…pictures to come.

That incident made me think of some other interesting research experiences I’ve had over the years.

  • Researching an article on Western Maryland ghost towns: I’ve explored old mining ghost towns and had to claw my way up to the top of a slag heap, hoping I wouldn’t fall off hundreds of feet into the river below.
  • Researching an article on a WWII aircraft show: I’ve flown in a restored B-17 that had to make a forced landing because of ice on the wings.
  • Researching an article about advances in aviation: I’ve flown and landed an airplane to test out a new radar system.
  • Researching an article about a county fair:  I drove in a demolition derby and watched the car next to me catch on fire while I was stuck in my own car.
  • Researching an article on a big police drug bust: I following police into the home an alleged drug dealer as they forced their way in and made an arrest.
  • Researching an article about firefighter training: I participating with a group of trainees putting out a fire as a 1200-degree fireball rolled across the top of our water line only a foot or so above our heads.

Boy, writing can be a lot of fun!

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