Personalizing your books

ingramspark-lightning-source-logoThe beauty of print-on-demand technology is that you can print the number of books you need so you don’t have to carry a lot of inventory. I have found that orders can be delivered quicker than if I place an order with a regular book publisher. I also like that if I find a mistake in my books, I can make changes and have the corrected version available for sale within a day.

IngramSpark has recently introduced an option that allows authors to personalize their books. The service allows you to add an additional page at the front of the book that is printed in only one book.

IngramSpark says this allows authors write a special one-time dedication for, perhaps, a giveaway winner or a friend’s birthday. You could use the page to add a letter to a book club or create a special commemorative edition.

All these are good ideas. The service costs $1 per book, though. That’s a big dent on the bottom line cost. You can do the same thing yourself, but it would wind up costing you more than $1. This is because although you wouldn’t have to page $1 for the change, the shipping cost for a single book would be more than $1. If you use the personalization service, the special book could be included in a larger order with reduced shipping.

This isn’t something that I see myself using, but others might. I like that it demonstrates just how flexible print-on-demand technology is.

What do you think about it? Is it a worthwhile service?

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