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Tighten your writing and make it sharper

At the meeting of the Gettysburg Writer’s Brigade last week, we talked about cutting the flab from your writing. One of the first things Will Hutchison recommends is searching out each word that ends in –ly in your writing and … Continue reading

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Finding festivals and fairs to sell books at

A part of the discussion among members of the Gettysburg Writers Brigade this past Wednesday involved where to find festivals where we can sell our books. Here are two websites that I use that make searching for festivals easy. … Continue reading

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Give your writing productivity a boost

I’m always looking for ways to increase my productivity. As a one-man show, I either have to do the job or pay to have someone else do it. So I’m always trying to get more from my day to tick … Continue reading

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Have you tried Scrivener?

I keep hearing about a program called Scrivener. The articles I read say that it helps make a writer more efficient. Has anyone here tried the program? It’s not expensive, so that’s not what is holding me back. I just … Continue reading

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Podcasting tips for authors

I know some in the group are looking for ways to better market their books. Here’s something to consider. I’ve been interviewed on some podcasts and follow others. I think they can be very useful in not only marketing but … Continue reading

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Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Staying Inspired

Originally posted on Dreaming of Guatemala:
Writing a story takes a lot of time, effort, and motivation. It takes allowing the characters to grow in your mind, imagining the type of setting/s you’ll be placing them in, and deciding where…

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Your writing doesn’t suck. Your story does.

I am reading a book called Story Fix by Larry Brooks. I’m still in the early part of the book, but I read something that resonated with me. Brooks said that over the best years, he evaluated hundreds of stories … Continue reading

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